Cleaned Tungsten Wire Production Process

Cleaned Tungsten Wire Picture

Cleaned tungsten wire production process.

For applications where the oxygen graphite cover is disturbing, we recommend the clean condition which is firing in hydrogen or electrochemical etching. This includes electro polishing of the wire surface or annealing of oxygen and graphite. Depending on the cleaning method tungsten shows different grades of surface roughness that become evident in different grades of gloss (dull grey to high gloss) but which do not relate to the surface purity of the wire.

Direction for Use:

1. Aquadag layer on the surface of wire should be removed before using the wire is not suitable for contacting with iron, nickel, carbon, when the temperature is higher than 1000. The wires should be preserved in dry room, in which the relative humidity should not surpass 65%, and keeping away from acid or alkali atmosphere.